If you are an adult (over 18) and in need of the Sacrament of Confirmation, please click here.

Michael Gagnon, Senior Youth Coordinator
Telephone: 470-695-7734, (email)

Confirmation is a two year process typically begun in the 9th grade of high school.

Our program aims to help parents prepare their teens for the Sacrament of Confirmation, one of the most important decisions the teens will make for their Catholic faith.

“Please note that Life Teen is not a substitute for Confirmation Prep. Confirmation candidates must attend confirmation classes and also Life Teen meetings on a regular basis.

Important Dates to Remember:

Year 1 Formation Day Class:

– Sat, Oct 1st from 8:30AM – 3:30PM


– Sat, Jan 14th from 8:30AM – 3:30PM

Year 2 Confirmation Retreat:

– Fri, Feb 17 th at 5PM until Sun, Feb 19 th at 4PM

Year 2 Confirmation class dates:

Sun, Sept 11 th from 2:30PM – 4PM, Class 1: Sacraments (click for available download)
Sun, Oct 9 th from 2:30PM – 4PM, Class 2: Church History (click for available download)
– Sun, Nov 13 th from 2:30PM – 4PM (No Download)
Sun, Dec 11 th from 2:30PM – 4PM (click for available download)
– Sun, Jan 8 th from 2:30PM – 4PM
– Sun, March 12 th from 2:30PM – 4PM


Below are the requirements and forms needed for each year of preparation:

Confirmation Year 1:

Teen Checklist – Year 1 Confirmation
Year 1 Questionnaire
Service Project Completion
Sponsor Certification
Mission Statement Activity

Confirmation Year 2:

Teen Checklist – Year 2 Confirmation
Service Project Completion
Confirmation Saint Name Form
Mission Statement Activity
Confirmation Interview Questionnaire